Arena Building Checklist

Your step-by-step guide. From the first meeting through project completion.

Once you’ve met with your Sprung Performance Arena team members, we get to work with pre-construction and construction.

Here’s a sample of what you can expect during those phases:


1. Pre-Construction

1st Meeting

  • Site visit

2nd Meeting

  • Meet project manager
  • Review site
  • Confirm plans
  • Review financing

3rd Meeting

  • Sign contract with project manager
  • Initiate Geo Tech study
  • Receive SPA stamped drawings
  • Provide site survey
  • Provide topographical study
  • Submit DP drawings

2. Construction

Final Preparation

  • Prepare and submit BP building detailed drawings
  • Submit site grading & storm water drawings
  • Prepare site services
  • Hire sub-contractors
  • Prepare ring beam
  • Order structure (with BP approval)

Structure Begins

  • Start Sprung structure installation
  • Start electrical and mechanical

Main Construction

  • Pour perimeter slab
  • Begin building interior (locker rooms, lobby, etc.)

2. Construction

Ice Surface

  • Prep and pour ice surface slab
  • Install cooling pipes & refrigeration plant

Final Construction

  • Install lighting
  • Finish details
  • Complete site clean-up
  • Sign off on project completion