Corporate Overview

Technology pioneers now in over 90 countries

Dating back to 1887 with the manufacture of chuckwagon covers, the Sprung family name has been synonymous with tailor-made quality shelters to meet unique needs. We patented the stressed membrane structure as an alternative to conventional construction, and in the past 35 years have built more than 12,000 structures for uses that include sports, gaming, worship, storage, corrections, military posts, office space and much more.

We provide solutions to your changing needs

A Sprung hallmark has always been adaptability and flexibility in changing environments, and it’s truer than ever. Our technology allows you to be operational quickly with a durable structure that can withstand the most extreme environments. What’s more, as your needs change, your Sprung structure can be dismantled and re-used, expanded or re-configured.

Our commitment to quality is your assurance

With ISO 9001:2008 certification, Sprung is a recognized leader in quality architectural solutions. Non-corroding aluminum sub-frames and highest quality performance architectural membranes ensure resilience and longevity, in practically any application you can imagine.

Make Sprung part of your green strategy

Because Sprung structures are pre-fabricated, they arrive at your site with no construction waste. As airtight, energy-efficient buildings, they also minimize heating and cooling loss, providing superior insulation values while reducing power consumption. And when the time comes to relocate, there’s no need to demolish your Sprung structure; simply have it reassembled somewhere else.

We’re passionate about your satisfaction

Four generations of Sprung family values have led to a world-renowned reputation for exceeding your expectations. We guide you every step of the way, from permits to lock-ups.