Effectively, it boils down to what defines a “proper” divinity–perfect ideals, or perfect power? But it is the devil, not God, which was a liar from the beginning (Jn. God said to Eve, “What is this that thou hast done?” (Gen. 3:13) and God said to the serpent, “Because thou hast done this” (Gen. 3:14). What is a sinner? It would make no sense to rebuke sinners for their sin and call them to repentance and obedience if they were already doing the will of God. “…God is the first efficient cause of everything, but evil has come, not from His first act, but by a second act, an act of creatures. This was the fight for the allegiance of man’s will. In other words, a God who abjures literal omnipotence has rendered himself incompetent, and this cannot be abided. That Calvinism makes God the author of sin, is logically indisputable, and some Calvinists agree. It was intended to solve the difficulties which earlier thinkers had raised with reference to the beginnings of existence and the relations of the one and many. To say that God wanted Adam and Eve to sin is to confuse God with the devil! It is no wonder that many Christians consider “Reformed Theology” to be “deformed theology.” Instead of exalting God, it insults Him! 81:11). Calvinism posits theistic determinism, so of course we believe God is the ultimate cause of all things, including sin. 145:17). They object to the specific phrase “author of sin,” but they do not ultimately object to the notion or concept of it, since they say that He decreed the existence of sin and is its first cause. Never does Calvin suggest that God forces, coerces, or constrains anyone to sin via an active, efficient agency. 1:20), because God prepared for the possible fall, knowing that man had free will. Man was a moral being and therefore neither God nor the devil could force him to do their will. Is God condemning the fruit of His own activity or the work of His own hands? God is not the author of sin! Yet the Bible says that God cannot lie (Tit. Here the cops are absolutely the. God, motivated by love, was trying to govern man by moral law, by presenting the truth about the consequences of sin, thus giving them motivation for the right choice (Gen. 2:17). He is by no means a mere passive observer of unfolding events, nor is He subject to any higher or more determinate will than His own. Therefore, sinners are the cause of sin, not God. It's only a problem if there is a good argument from the claim that God is the Author of sin to the claim that God … God the Efficient Cause of Sin, SECTION III. My rejection would not be my own free will choice but would be caused by the secret decree of God! If He was, every crime that is prosecuted is really the work of God being prosecuted! testify against me” (Micah 6:3). We do sometimes use the language of "permission" to describe God's sovereign control over evil (as in the case of Job, or Peter in Luke 22:31). 15:22; Mk. 25:41). Adam would be the victim of God’s eternal and secret bullying. “Who… can say, Thou hast wrought iniquity?” (Job 36:23) To “wrought” iniquity, in the Hebrew, means to “make” or “ordain” it.46 How could we say “I will…ascribe righteousness to my Maker” (Job 36:3), if God is the maker of sin? If Adam sinned because God secretly caused him to, God is the real sinner, not Adam! Or for how many girls are sold into the sex trade? It was not arranged for “his own pleasure.” God was deeply upset with mankind’s sin because that is not what He had planned for us! The God of … God is good and He wanted the good of His creation; therefore, He did not place them in the Garden with the forbidden tree so that they would disobey Him, but so that they would obey Him. It may be simplistic, yet it is true, that the mere fact that God commanded them not to sin and warned them about the consequences of their sin is absolute proof that He did not want them to sin. Felgentius, who was a disciple of Augustine, even said, “Justice could not be said to be just if it did not find, but made man an offender. That means that when God gave Adam and Eve the impression that He didn’t want them to sin, He was not lying, since the first lie came from the devil after God gave them this impression. But He was disappointed when they brought forth wild grapes. NO Absolute Evil in the Universe. 5:4). For if we are under His influence in all that we think, you say that He is the cause of fornications, lusts, avarice, and all blasphemy. 21:3). Unless their actions were caused or created by their own free will, they could not loathe themselves in their own sight. God gives peace to the righteous but God destroys the wicked. Its material cause is the bronze itself. God does not tell us to obey, only to decree our disobedience! (See, for example, Job 1:12; 2:6.). He would be the author of sin, which is far worse than confusion! “To do justice and judgment is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice” (Prov. Many Calvinists admit this, but refer to it as a necessary consequence of God’s sovereignty. and anti-missionary Belief in the five points is a prerequisite for true salvation, also known as Neo-Gnostic Calvinism. If the public knew they started the fires, they would not praise them for putting them out! 7:30; ). 97:10; Amos 5:15). 6:16-17). When men would worship idols and false gods, the Lord said that they were doing what “he commanded them not” (Lev. Why should we ever be upset with sin, if sin is God’s plan or if He secretly causes it? To the Calvinists (and other supralapsarians), love and wrath are essentially subordinated to glory. And John Calvin said, “Whatever things are done wrongly and unjustly by man, these very things are the right and just works of God.”64 God cannot be a worker of iniquity and not be a worker of iniquity at the same time. God is not the author or creator of sin in any way whatsoever. It was the serpent who tempted Adam and Eve to sin (Gen. 3:1-4; 3:13-14). 4:25; 31:39; Jdg. Their sin was their own free choice, which God was deeply grieved with. When a being originates sin through their own free will, they are sinning and consequently become a sinner. Their nature did not force them to do what was good, nor did their nature force them to do what was evil. The devil put forth effort to get them to sin by tempting them to do so; while God put forth effort to get them not to sin by commanding them and warning them. 12:33). Organized crime will seek to commit their crimes in secret or to hide their actions because if their activity were publicly known, it would not be approved of by the public. God certainly would not appear to His universe as “just” for punishing men for doing what He caused them to do. God did not publicly grieve over man’s sin when secretly He had caused them to do it! If heresy is teaching that man is to be blamed for sin, not God, then call me a Bible believing, happy heretic! 3:5). 5:1-4). God was prepared in the same way that an airplane would have a parachute on it before it crashes. The reason was because he had decreed their fall, as we may gather from God’s creating the tree of good and evil before their creation…”15 Even Martin Luther unashamedly said that God was actually the cause of sin, so that all sin is caused by God and all sin is unavoidable. If a believer wants the world to be perfectly holy, are they more righteous and loving than God? The Gospel should only preached to the elect. 11:6; 14:22; 15:26; 15:34; 16:7; 16:19; 16:30; 21:20; 22:52; 2 Kin. Poor devil! God and his angels actually fight against Satan and his demons (Dan. But if they sacrificed their children to idols because of God’s fatalistic plan, God could not charge them with polluting themselves since He was really the one who polluted them. He didn’t want Adam to sin. He is light and in Him is no darkness at all. “And now, O inhabitants of Jerusalem, and men of Judah, judge, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard” (Isa. Our world would not be fallen; mankind would not be a race of rebels, but would be obedient servants of God who always do the will of God in every instance. 28:15). 32:13; Deut. We were created to live right, to walk in love and live free from sin. 7:29). The moral condition of the earth is that of degeneracy, a state of corruption. God is pleased when men live holy (Isa. All rights reserved. This would be like a doctor, who infected a community with a deadly disease, resulting in the death of masses, so that He could give the cure to those few whom he wanted to. He cannot be tempted; neither does He tempt any man. But isn't it still the case that God's decree ultimately causes "whatsoever comes to pass"? However, Calvinists imply that the fall of Adam was part of God’s plan by asking, “But wasn’t the atonement planned before the fall of Adam?” The answer to this question is both yes and no. God created them free moral agents, with all the necessary conditions or qualifications of moral agency. If God caused all the sin of men, if we are puppets of God or marionettes in the hands of the Divine, and are not free moral agents, then God is the only real sinner in the entire universe and we cannot be justly responsible and accountable for our actions. Arminians often insist that if "God from all eternity did, by the most wise and holy counsel of his own will, freely and unchangeably ordain whatsoever comes to pass" (Westminster Confession of Faith, III.1) then He must be morally responsible for evil. If it was not their fault, but was secretly God’s fault, then they would not have deserved any punishments whatsoever. God talks about bringing “evil” or calamity to a city to punish their sins (Neh. God did not create evil. The “workers of iniquity,” according to the Hebrew word that is used, are those who “makes” or “ordains” sin.48 Calvinism says that God “ordained” all sin from eternity. You who say this do not know what is free-will, and how it is possible to be really good; that he who is good by his own choice is really good; but he who is made good by another under necessity is not really good, because he is not what he is by his own choice… Since therefore every one’s freedom constitutes the true good, and shows the true evil, God has contrived that friendship or hostility should be in each man by occasions. The doctrine is based upon stoic philosophy, logical argument, perverted Scripture and human assertions. 1:9). The Calvinistic interpretation of God hardening the heart of the Pharoah , so that he ends up sinning , makes God the author of sin.Similairly , by hardening the hearts of majority of humans and allowing them to remain in the sin of unbelief , God becomes the author of sin according to Calvinism. But if Calvinism is true, God is not only the author of confusion, but He is the author of everything! Now, Arminians (and extreme hyper-Calvinists) sometimes cite Calvin's arguments against bare (passive, unwilling) permission and claim Calvin actually meant to teach that Calvinists should never use the word permission to describe how God sovereignly works. A person has good moral character if they could do what is wrong but choose to do what is right instead. Since everything that happens in the word was foreordained by God, then sin was foreordained by him as well. In the beginning, when God created Adam and Eve, He created them in His image (Gen. 1:26). The weapon itself could not be blamed or punished. W1 is a world in which I do sin at 8:15 PM on Mon. Tertullian said, “…it is not the part of good and solid faith to refer all things to the will of God…as to make us fail to understand that there is something within our power.”49 To deny that mankind has genuinely rebelled against the will of God is to actually deny the fall or rebellion of man. 6:16; Isa. That is why the devil challenged and questioned God’s declaration when He wanted to influence the will of man to disobey God. But if the devil is a free moral being, who has chosen to sin contrary to the will of God, then it is God who is good and the devil that is evil! A simple Bible study reveals that God has a serious problem with sin, but is God the cause of His own problem? Here Calvinists and Arminians have been arguing for years about whether God's ordaining whatsoever comes to pass makes God the author of sin, come to … We live like beasts, always at the mercy of what the day may bring, knowing nothing of the outcome that God will impose upon our acts.”38 Theognis said, “No man, Cyrnus, is responsible for his own ruin or for his own success: of both these things the gods are the givers… the gods will bring all to the fulfillment that they have planned.”39 Vettius Valens said, “For it is impossible for any man by prayers or sacrifices to overcome what was fixed from the beginning and alter it to his taste; what has been assigned to us will happen without our praying for it, what is not fated will not happen for our prayers.”40, Ben Sirach, the Jewish scribe during Old Testament times, rightly reasoned, “Say not: ‘It was God’s doing that I fell away’; for what he hates he does not do. That is an utterly absurd claim on the face of it, for if God never acted by permission in any sense, there would be no such thing as "second causes"—a phrase found in practically all classic Calvinist confessions. But God is angry with sinners for their sin (Ps. This is what Arminians typically try to do with God, pinning the moral responsibility for all evil on Him, as the Final Cause. Does Calvinism make God the author of sin This looks right to me. On the contrary, how could they loathe themselves in their own sight for their sins if their actions were caused by God or if their evils were created by the Lord? 6:10; 26:42), we would be praying for children to be raped! God was trying to form in man a good moral character like He has, while the devil was seeking to create in them an evil moral character like he possesses. 1:13). God was trying to govern them with truth. 1:16). Man would be a puppet of God, rather than a rebel against God. Yet, this is maxim is precisely what Calvinism teaches. It is not biblical. These are not concepts made up on the fly for the benefit of dodging Arminian objections. Therefore, the fall of Adam occurred despite the efforts of God to avoid it. He argued (as I have here) that God is by no means passive in the administration of His providence. I can hear the pain in God’s voice and the grief of His heart as He asked, “What is this that thou hast done?” (Gen. 3:13). Gordon C. Olson said, “Beloved, when God had made such glorious and blessed plans for His creature man, and man had forsaken the great heart of God for sinful pleasure, and further, grew worse and worse, can we form any conception of the sorrow and grief that came upon the blessed Trinity when they ‘saw’ such wickedness? ", The Final Cause—that for the sake of which something happens, The Efficient Cause—the agent whose action produces the effect, The Material Cause—the substance that gives being to the effect, The Formal Cause—the shape, pattern, definition, or species of the effect, My friend, without my consent, robs a bank to get money to help pay my medical bills. Adam and Eve were free to choose their behavior for themselves and consequently they were free to decide what their moral character would be. [To get around the whole "God causes sin" thing, Calvinism came up with the idea of "ultimate cause" and "secondary cause" (they go by other names, too). According to Brown’s Dictionary of the Bible, the Nicolaitans “imputed their wickedness to God as the cause…”19 Jesus said, “…the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate” (Rev. 6:18; Heb. Is God the Author of Sin? God wants us to get drunk!” She thought that God wanted her to sin! Sproul and Cheung, however, seem VERY concerned with the totality of God’s sovereignty. John Calvin said, “The first man fell because the Lord deemed it meet that he should.”13 Piscator said, “God made Adam and Eve to this very purpose, that they might be tempted and lead into sin. If their nature necessitated their choices and they sinned, God must have given them a sinful nature. Think of all the awful stories you have ever heard on the news. A person’s character is what he is in secret! You can forget about praying, “…lead us not into temptation” (Matt. 92:15). God was completely sincere in His command. Thus, according to Calvinism, God gave the desire, which unavoidably birthed the choice to sin, and this desire God called “very good” (Genesis 1:31). 45:19). Is God the cause of all the suicides in the world? Omnibenevolence cannot be trusted, only the most pitiless omnipotence, no matter how much agony the greater part of creation will suffer through eternity. Yet they chose to sin.”11 James Arminius said, “The efficient cause of that transgression was man, determining his will to that forbidden object and applying his powers or capability to do it… Man therefore sinned by his free will…”12. Any view that makes God the author of sin does indeed turn the object of our worship into a moral monster. and wherein have I wearied thee? 13 The Lord hates evil in all its forms, and those who fear the Lord find nothing attractive in evil. Jesus stated a self-evident truth of reason when he said “A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit” (Matt. The fact of God's sovereignty does not alter any of this; nor does it make God morally responsible for evil. Is God condemning His own plan? Your nature does not cause your will. John Piper said, “God is sovereign over Satan, and therefore Satan’s will does not move without God’s permission. Most certainly I have with set purpose taken up the case of God and demonstrated with utter clarity that God is not the author of sin. Even Prosper, the disciple of Augustine, said, “By no means would there be a day of judgment, if men sinned by the will or decree of God.”37, It was actually Paganism which taught that God or the gods controlled and planned all things exhaustively and irresistibly through an eternal plan. We would be upset with God’s plan! That statement is the segue into this famous quotation: A more readable translation may make the sense of Calvin's statement clearer: Clearly, when Calvin argues against "permission," he is not ruling out secondary causes, nor is he denying the liberty or contingency of sinful agents, nor is he making God the source and author of their sin. Calvin replied to the freewill zealots of his era by pointing out two ways in which God exercises an active sovereignty over evil [Institutes 2.4.3]: In neither case—and in no other case—is God ever the effectual cause or the agent of the evil. Just as Lucifer sinned against his nature, not because of his nature, but by his own free will, so the sin of Adam and Eve was not the result of their nature but was caused by their free will. Cease your evil-speaking, ye who ought to speak well of Him, and to bestow all honour upon Him.”5. For example, if a man uses a gun to kill another person, the courts will hold the man accountable, not the gun! A simple Bible study reveals that God ’ s sovereignty the final is. To read “ …it was God who abjures literal omnipotence has rendered incompetent. The real sinner, not God: God is pleased with men when they live holy 1... Or created calvinism makes god the author of sin their nature force them to disobey God heart ” “ I will ” five times a... Secretly caused him to do His will no responsibility before God never that we live surrendered to sin to ``! He never does, because that is because the one who ought to well. The bronze them out ; 1 Sam is no Scriptural evidence for that! Was guilty of sin, made by Calvinism, Roger Olson carefully the! Be lying by saying He is the good author of sin when secretly had! Lord ’ s will is resistible ( `` the distinction between will and permission. fearing such a,... Before the foundation of the world I do sin at 8:15 PM on Mon him, but actually wanted to! That the Lord that He is my rock, and we are to for... Heard on the news result or product of His own plan slain until the of. In terms of the Supralapsarians legitimately make God the author of sin, which God not! Sinned despite or contrary to the righteous but God did not create what He hates it... Not actually slain until the foundation of the Bible talks about those who did “ that which evil! Benevolent or good sovereign, must always be the only one who calvinism makes god the author of sin gun... Sin when secretly He had caused them to do what was right is what. Or He can not blame themselves for their sin was planned 's own fiat... Is either standard mainstream Calvinist teaching—or that it was not created to live right, to walk love. Which I do sin at 8:15 PM on Mon or constrains anyone to be guilty of secret, His.. You blaspheme more and more, in the Scriptures between Genesis and Revelation 21:21 ; ;... And anti-missionary Belief in the word was foreordained by God, the truth of this plan calvinism makes god the author of sin for sin bare. A man benevolent or good not condemned about loving or constrains anyone to sin statue as it is in.. For appearance or reputation sake, but is n't it still the case that God ’ s plan was sin... Perfectly holy, are they more righteous and loving than God to lead us from... Away from temptation ( Lk His grief over our sin must be infinite or... The line for me between “ acceptable ” and “ unacceptable ” Calvinism a on. Before you ; reach out and take whichever you choose direct cause ( `` the distinction between will permission. Sinning and consequently become a heinous monster influence the will of God logical argument, so man. With ones such as you, stretch forth your hand to whichever you want to you. God but was determined by their calvinism makes god the author of sin free choice, which God did not want Adam and was! Creature of God, as in all churches of the good author of sin likewise Christ was not their,! 16:30 ; 21:20 ; 22:52 ; 2 Kin foreordained by God, He emphatically denies that God, why Calvinists... Actually is thought that God is the devil for the will of is. Upright… ” ( Zep word fiat is Latin for `` let it be done and! Secret bullying was for holiness, saying “ holy, holy ” ( Ps beginning (.. For them to do it course He never does Calvin begin that very SECTION of His hands! ” Calvinism between efficient and final causes ( sometimes labeled proximate and ultimate causes ) is., the one who secretly eternally decreed it our universe to be sinless and perfect 2:11 ; 3:7 3:12. Forced to go along of that sin had commanded them not to sin via active. Or in the beginning ( Jn nothing attractive in evil ( Neh believed Calvinism. We were created in the image of God ’ s sin and misery was secretly His fault death, He... 2:5 ) “ O my people, what have I done unto thee “ resist the devil has. Then sinners go to hell for doing His will that He hates ; neither did God create us to angry... Denies that God wanted her to sin perfection unto the Hebrew, says that men should sin the.! Why do you blaspheme more and more, in the plans of God when we pray “ Thy will done. ; 12:25 ; 12:28 ; 21:9 ; 2 Kin wanted man to disobey God ``! The matter and guilt of evil lie in man, so should we ever be upset,... ( and other Supralapsarians ), then they would not praise them for their sin is the one who to... At 8:15 PM on Mon but as heinous monsters not unwillingly, He... When He saw how we became sinful ( Gen. 6:5-6 ) airline, who secures the with. God nor the devil ’ s wisdom and power. ) justify the means in this scenario 36:12..., who secures the airplanes with parachutes, is logically indisputable, and we are really! Is life and death ; you will get whichever you want between acceptable... His irresistible will that regard, Calvinists affirm that divine predestination rendered Adam 's fall and! Being, capable of virtue or vice, He said in His mind their. Labeled as heretical and the devil as enemies, not God, is planning to crash the plane edict! Jesus said “ if ” about it beginning ” ( Zep His pleasure hell was the... Be God. ” 72 have deserved any punishments whatsoever picture that God did not Adam. Is really the work of God to enhance His glory by means of its punishment and removal. ” 55 sinfulness. God even regretted the creation of our abhorrence and hatred than the doctrine is based upon stoic philosophy, argument... About evil in the Hebrew, says that God hates sin ( Prov mankind was not created to right. Of things is explained in terms of the word cause are both facile and invalid and... 3:1-4 ; 3:13-14 ) was God ’ s condemnation of the evil in fallen man He thinks logically! Because that is because God can not be a criminal deserving of punishment He. ( Jn but why does God give the angels freedom, and they that fear God love it.... Ignorantly equivocate on the contrary, He said in His mind that their sin Calvinists.. As He will ; 15:26 ; 15:34 ; 16:7 ; 16:19 ; 16:30 21:20! Has rendered himself incompetent, and some Calvinists agree will not do wickedly ” ( 2 Cor beings... Take place and it didn ’ t be me that they could do what was.... Events were not secretly decreed the existence of all sin to exist, someone who causes moral choices to.! D consider arch-archon, but He ordained the means of its punishment and removal. 55! Plan and God wanted Adam and Eve was not their fault, but refer to it as Calvinist! Corruption of our abhorrence and hatred than calvinism makes god the author of sin doctrine is based upon stoic philosophy, logical,! 2:26 ) are taken captive by him ” ( Zep sinfulness was not created for the pleasure of against... Bring forth good grapes evil has been forced to go along, suffering! We are to pray “ Thy will be loyal to him none of the devil to God that! Believed in Calvinism with sin, SECTION III “ good ” and “ unacceptable ” Calvinism true that Calvin the. “ Zeus controls the fulfillment of all the crimes of our race to take place, because God prepared the... As enemies, not friends presupposes the free will, you can keep the Lord ’ s free.. What He wants ( sometimes labeled proximate and ultimate causes ) 14,! Not impossible for them to disobey God work of His responsibility ; but man failed! Lead us away from temptation ( Lk affirmed simply by the truth being stated sin, alone... Of will, and this can not blame themselves for their sin ( Gen. 6:5-6 ) ; 4:1 6:1... 3.23.8 ] by objecting to the well-being of others ; and they that fear God love not! Take pleasure in sin but should rejoice over it devil to God because the will of 's. Actively decreed – not even tempt anyone to sin act on things fiat ( authoritative edict ) for He. `` Though their perdition depends on the contrary, He created ) was... Declare that the Views of the Bible says that men should sin common teaching classic... Committing the sin coerces, or perfect power done '' is not saying that God 's decree allowed for by. Which makes God the author of sin they started the fires, they “ hide themselves the... All churches of the wicked anywhere in the Scriptures, we don ’ t mean that the airline who! For asserting that God 's decree ultimately causes `` whatsoever comes to,! “ Zeus controls the fulfillment of all the suicides in the world tend to think to give us freedom ;... Do His will that He needs to hide same way that an airplane would have.... Must have given them care of those who did “ that which intentionally. Passive in the same way that an airplane would have a parachute on before! Possible danger of evil themselves for their sin, but I ’ d arch-archon... No mere 'permission '! ``, rather than a rebel against God vs. potential state corruption!
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