Pentek 1/2" Slimline 20 inch Water Filter Housing 158204 in stock. PENTAIR/PENTEK Filter Housings. Big Clear Filter Housings offer on-site examination of flow, performance, and cartridge life and are ideal for a variety of applications. Big Blue Filter Housings offer the versatility to meet all of your large-capacity filtration needs, including high flow and heavy sediment applications. The cap has 3/4″ NPT inlet and outlet ports. Hi Nicholas, it is good to find the 10" filter housing, unfortunately I required 5" filter housing (Old - US Filter 158111 Now Pentek owned). Pentek Water Filter Housing 10" 3G 3/4" Caps MB #150542. Water Softerners & Filters is proud to carry a large selection of Pentek filter cartridges and products. Low prices and fast shipping online since 1999. Pentek SCBC-10 Carbon Block Water Filter. Suitable to use as a single filter or as a pre-filter in twin… View Article. ... Pentek 3G-STANDARD-34-PR10 Whole House 3G Standard 10" Filter Housing. Pentek Filter Housing 20" Big Blue 1" Caps HFPP #150233 The housing offers outstanding chemical compatibility and is … Huge inventory. 0 Reviews. Slimline housings are compatible with a broad range of chemicals and are available with or without a … AS LOW AS. We carry standard sizes, including 10"x2.5", 20"x2.5" , 10"x4.5" and 20"x4.5" (housings are rated by the nominal size of a water filter cartridge that it can use). Pentek Filter Housings. Pentek whole house water filter housing 10'' Pentek whole house water filter housing 10'' SpecificationMODEL NO. Pentek WP.5BB97P String Wound PolyPropylene Filter-4.5 x 10 /.5 Micron. #10 housing. Pentek, a division of Pentair Water, manufactures filtration products including filter cartridges, filter housings, reverse osmosis systems, and more. Pentek Big Blue commercial filter housings are ideal substitutes for costly low-pressure stainless steel vessels. WaterAnywhere delivers the finest membranes, filters, systems and more. Call us 0269258555 and Easily Order your cartridge today! 5" Standard Pentek Filter Housing (for 2½"x5" Filters) Learn More . The Pentek #10 Big, American Plumber W10-BC and W15-BC are Clear Water Filters for observing the whole house filters in the clear whole house housing. Regular price $ 89.99 CAD. The post-filter is permanently fastened to an innovative support basket ensuring that it is firmly secured and eliminating any potential for bypass. Pentair Pentek§ Big Clear Filter Housings offer the versatility to meet all of your large-capacity filtration needs, including high-flow and heavy-sediment applications. This item has been discontinued. 153001 Standard Blue Sump for Standard Water Filters This Pentek 153001 #10 Standard blue housing This Pentek 153001 #10 Standard blue housing sump fits caps for Pentek #10 Standard opaque filter housings with any inlet and outlet size, and same size caps made by several other manufacturers. Pentek 10" Slim Line Water Filter Housing Black/Blue w/ PR - 1/4" FPT. Returns Policy. Big Blue 10" Water Filter Housing 3/4" by Pentek part # 150469. Millions sold. Add to cart. AS LOW AS. Pentek Filter Housings for Water Filter Cartridges by Pentair Water. This 10" housing sump is made from high quality construction material that is rigid and very durable in order to b. $29.99. POLICIES. Regular price $ 73.12 CAD. Replacement sump for Culligan 153008, Pentek 153001-06, Ametek 153001, Culligan HF-150, 150164, 10 … But their price is certainly worth it if you need the extra protection. Filter housings come in different sizes and styles, and are typically used in undersink residential filtration, pre- and post-reverse osmosis systems, recreational vehicle filtration, and food service applications. Water Filter Housings can be used for POE (point of entry) and POU (point of use) drinking water filter systems. Every homeowner wants clean, fresh, and pure water for the entire family. The extra-large housing for … Pentek SW-4 Wrench for 20 Big Blue Housing. Clear Filter Housing with Pressure Relief is a useful filter for any water filtration need. Overview Pentek Filters. We offer top models like culligan hf 360, pentek 158649 & more. COMMERCIAL STAINLESS STEEL FILTER HOUSINGS. Pentek whole house water filter housing 10'' Pentek whole house water filter housing 10'' SpecificationMODEL NO. Lenntech can also help you with similar filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification. Also with an optional pressure relief button on the inlet side to relieve pressure inside the housing… The Pentek 153164 10" Big White Filter Housing Sump is a blue replacement water filter housing sump for Pentek Big White #10 housings. Make Offer - 2 Universal 10" Water Filter Housings Pentek Ametek 158006 NPT 3/8" MADE IN USA FiltersFast Brand FF10SET-.5 Filter Replacement For FFXSVC, FXSLC, Pentek P-250 $18.99 This system can be used in partnership with reverse osmosis systems or function on its own as an under sink or whole house filtration component/system. These filter housings are pricey compared to plastic and steel versions. The Pentek-158649 3G Slim Line 1/2 in. AS LOW AS. The extra-large housing allows for greater cartridge capacity, reducing the number of vessels required for high flow rate applications. Coolabah Water supplies PVC Pentek Filter Housings for your high flow water filtration applications. 24 products. Pentek 150067 3/4" #10 Standard Black/Blue w/PR Filter Housing. These 9 3/4″ filters fit all standard 10″ filter housings. x 2-.50 in. 10″ Pleated Sediment Filters. Pentek Blue / Black 10" filter housing accomodates a variety of water filters between 2 1/2" and 3 1/8" in diameter. Pentek offers water filters, cartridges and components for water filtration services including filter housings, sediment and carbon filter cartridges. It is made of reinforced polypropylene for strength and resistance to chemicals. PENTEK offers a variety of different filter housings ranging from whole house to point of use (POU) applications. Sale price $ 73.12 CAD. Pentek's built to last Big Blue Filter Housings are manufactured of a durable polypropylene sump and cap. Pentek 150436 3/4" Clear 10" Stand. Learn more about these filter housings by contacting us. The extra large housing allows for greater cartridge capacity, reducing the number of vessels required for high flow-rate applications. Can I get 5" filter datasheet or CAD Model either of it is great - … A Big Blue filter housing’s versatility meets all your large-capacity water filtration needs, including 10" BB and 20" BB sediment filter cartridges. Before the water exits the cartridge, a 20-micron post filter helps reduce carbon fines and other suspended particles from the filtered water. The Pentek 150001 may is used for medium flow and point of use applications, or where heavy sediment is present in water. $6.99. Pentair® Pentek Slimline 10″ Water Filter Housings are compact and versatile for applications where space is confined or low flow rates are required. The number 10 Blue canister holds 10-inch L x 2.5-inch W water filters. Pentek Filter Housing 20" Big Blue 1" Caps HFPP #150233. Pentek (Ametek) Filter Housings for Residential, Whole-House, and Pretreatment Filtration Appications. $27.99. Pentek 10" Slim Line Water Filter Housing features a black reinforced polypropylene cap and a blue reinforced polypropylene sump. Contact us Today! The 1" polypropylene caps are available with a pressure-relief button on the inlet side to relieve pressure inside the housing and are available in 10" and 20" lengths. More results: Previous Page 1 2 3 Next Page View All. Pentek Water Filter Housing 10" 3G 3/4" Caps MB #150542. Pentek NCP-10 also fits Bluescope water filter housings WFRW03, Pure Tec DP101, ML101-DP, GE GXWH20F. The PENTEK® FreshPoint™ Ultrafiltration System provides complete Point of Entry (POE) filtration proven to reduce turbidity, particulates, and cysts for fresh, clean water at every tap. 0 Reviews. Stainless steel filter housings are popular among business where quality is the top concern. The number 10 housing sump fits number 10 caps for blue housings with any inlet/outlet size. For further information or product specifications (data sheets) you can get in touch with us by the possibilities mentioned below. Pentek Water Filter Housing 10" w 3/4" Caps #150002. Purchase today! Find great deals on Pentek ep 10 Water Filters, including discounts on the Pentek 158005 3/8 NPT Slim Line 10 Blue Housing. Sale Sold out. Pentek - 3G - 10" Blue Sump Slim Line Filter Housing by NeoLogic Solutions – Filtration Division. WaterAnywhere carries the 151120 Pentek O-Ring for 10" and 20" Standard & VIH Filter Housings by WATTS Kwik-Change Filters in stock and available for $2.00. Filter housings are for use with select filter cartridges. Pentek 150067 3/4" #10 Standard Black/Blue w/PR Filter Housing Pentek Standard Water Filter Housings are made of durable polypropylene and come equipped with 3/4" NPT inlet and outlet ports. Filter Housing (150436) The Pentek 150436 3/4" Clear 10" Standard Filter Housing is made of clear Styrene-Acrylonitrile (SAN) that allows you to visually ensure your filter is operating at its optimal flow and capacity. Unit price / per . Equipped with 3/4" NPT inlet and outlet ports. Pentek PENTEK-NCP-20 Carbon Water Filters - 20 in. Please review the product description for more information. Pentek filter cartridges are available in multiple sizes ad micron levels to meet your needs. Sale Sold out. Shop housings for whole house water filters from Culligan, Pentek, & Kemflo.
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