The Cutting Edge of Arena Facilities

“Everyone who has walked through the complex has been blown away by it. It’s fantastic. The ceiling is 47 feet high, so it feels like a mini-coliseum. Overall, we have probably saved between $5 million and $7 million by going with the Sprung structures. That’s huge.”
Brent Devost, CEO, Edge School

The Edge School is a private institution with a mission to provide students from Grade 6 to 12 with a purposeful integration of excellence in academics, athletics and character-building.
Several years ago the school expanded their property and looked to traditional construction for classrooms, two NHL-sized hockey rinks and a gymnasium. When the plans were developed, the project costs exceeded their available budget by $10 million. The architect and project manager approached Sprung for an alternative proposal. After careful consideration, three 120′ wide Sprung structures were provided and erected with a net savings of $7 million. The decision to use Sprung allowed the Edge School expansion to go forward on budget and on time.

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