Oranges vs. Oranges

How does the Sprung Structures really compare?

When you compare feature by feature, you’ll quickly see how your Sprung Performance Arena out-performs other kinds of construction. It’s an innovative turnkey solution that provides a complete and economical arena for your community in a very short time.

Quality starts with intelligent design and choice of materials. And when you consider the rapid construction time, superior energy efficiency, excellent price and long lifespan, you’ll agree that a Sprung Performance Arena is your obvious choice.





blue-question Design Time

3 to 4 weeks

2 to 3 months

6 to 8 months

blue-question Construction Time

6 months

9 to12 months

More than 12 months


Continuous 9-inch thick R30 insulation from ground to peak

6-inch R20 wall squeezed to R14, 6-inch R20 roof squeezed to R11

R20 wall
R20 roof

blue-questionLighting Levels

The highly tensioned white interior membrane reduces number of light fixtures required

Requires more lighting fixtures

Requires more lighting fixtures

blue-questionMaintenance Schedule

Aluminum is virtually maintenance-free
Sprung Shield “vandal proof” hard-wall system to 8’6″ level

Standing seam metal roof prone to large thermal movements and requires continuous maintenance, especially at penetrations

Regular maintenance is required

blue-questionFlexibility to Re-purpose




blue-questionAirtight Building
Envelope Efficiency

Air Permeability almost 0*, which means excellent energy performance

Poor airtightness

Moderate airtightness

blue-questionEnergy Savings
And Operating Costs

Up to 20% energy savings over pre-engineered metal buildings

Poor energy performance

Moderate energy performance

blue-questionHigh Ceiling

Excellent clearspan views for all indoor sports and events (47′ interior unobstructed peak height)

Some limitations due to lower interior clear height

Some limitations due to lower interior clear height


60+ years

60+ years

60+ years


Single: $8 million
Twin: $16 million

Single: $10+ million
Twin: $25+ million

Single: $15+ million
Twin: $30+ million

*As documented in UK Air Permeability Test 2009.