• Shawnigan Lake School is the most prestigious boarding school in Canada. Located on Vancouver Island, Shawnigan was established in 1915 and provides students with the very best in academics and sports.


  • With the popularity of hockey, Shawnigan decided to make a significant investment by building an arena on campus in order to elevate it’s hockey program. Speed and overall project costs were significant factors in determining the viability of an on-campus arena.


  • 120’ wide x 330’ long – Sprung structure which features Bayberry Green Dupont Tedlar membrane which blends in well with the surrounding trees and campus.


  • Construction – The first hockey game was played just 6 months after ground breaking.


  • State of the art ice rink with a tall peak height and bright interior membrane enhance the overall playing environment with seating for 500, climate controlled second floor viewing and hospitality.

This Sprung Structure Features:

  • Elevated climate controlled viewing section
  • Tall peak heights and bright interior
  • Concessions
  • Rest rooms
  • Large dressing rooms
  • Storage




Quote from Accent Refrigeration Systems
I would highly recommend a Sprung Structure. They have a very good level of insulation, the white color combined with the angles minimize radiant heat transfer to the ice, the inside is nice
and bright and they go up fast and are reasonably priced. We just completed a full size rink in Shawnigan Lake in 58 days from breaking ground to skating. I have attached a picture facing towards the lobby that is boarded off and still under construction. The operating cost for the first month was $59.50 per day for refrigeration, hot water, building heat and dehumidification. This is a full size rink.
Art Sutherland
Accent Refrigeration System