Arena Features

Aluminum Substructure

While conventional construction is still relying on steel as its substructure material, your Sprung Performance Arena offers greater versatility and performance with an extruded aluminum substructure that is prefabricated and ready to assemble.

Aluminum is:

  • Rustproof – unlike steel & wood, aluminum performs extremely well in humid environmental conditions
  • Lightweight – about 1/3 the weight of steel
  • Strong  – meets or exceeds most building codes
  • Versatile – can be extruded into virtually any shape
  • Easy to ship – strength-to-weight equals more product, less space
  • Long-lasting – indefinite life expectancy, gets stronger with age
  • Environmental – 100% recyclable with no loss of quality

Exceptional Adaptability and Life Expectancy

With a specialized high-strength aluminum alloy, our substructure has an unlimited lifespan.

Arena Features

Performance Architectural Membrane

Durability, cleanability, fire resistance, and colour choice are among the many hallmarks of the performance architectural membrane for your Sprung Performance Arena. The exterior architectural membrane is superior in many ways to conventional arenas; the self-cleaning exterior is virtually maintenance-free and provides a clean, bright look that acts as an ideal background for graphic treatments.

  • Approx. 24 oz per square yard
  • Guards against UV and airborne contaminants
  • Dramatically extends membrane life
  • Exceptional fire-retardant capability
  • Available in large selection of colours
  • 25-year pro-rated guarantee for Kynar Coated or Dupont Tedlar Coated Membrane

Membrane Color Options

Bright White Desert Sand Med Olive Bayberry Green
Salem Blue Concord Cream Granite Grey Brownstone Red

Architectural Membrane

The Sprung Performance Architectural Membranes are the result of extensive research, development and on-site testing.

Arena Features


Constant research, testing and development have led to a Sprung Performance Arena that provides naturally better climate control.

Unlike a metal building that compresses insulation and lowers the R value, a Sprung structure keeps the insulation at its proper thickness for maximum performance and comfort. Add one of the finest insulation packages anywhere, and your arena is ideally suited to almost any climate imaginable, in addition to reducing climate-control costs and improving acoustics.

Three reasons insulation performs better in a Sprung building:

  1. Air tightness of exterior architectural membrane
  2. No differentiation between wall and roof
  3. Thicker insulation increases performance

Why use a Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Fibreglass Blanket?

  • The only such formaldehyde-free product in the world
  • Aluminum foil backing for increased overall efficiency

Cross Section

Insulation reduces the cost of climate control, and absorbs sound which provides better acoustics.

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Fiberglass Blanket

Johns Manville Formaldehyde-Free Fibreglass Blanket is the only such formaldehyde-free product available in the world.

Arena Features

Green Footprint

Because Sprung structures are pre-fabricated, they are environmentally friendly by design, eliminating the substantial construction waste associated with conventional construction. And there are even more green benefits to choosing Sprung.

Sprung Performance Arenas are also:


The rust-free aluminum substructure is designed and engineered for an indefinite life. The advanced exterior performance architectural membrane adds resilience and long life.


The highly tensioned exterior performance architectural membrane provides an exceptionally airtight building envelope. Add 9 inches of foil-backed fibreglass blanket insulation and your Sprung Performance Arena provides higher R values than conventional construction.

LEED® certifiable

We have documented features that support your efforts to obtain LEED® certification, including: recycled content, energy performance, durability, construction waste management and deconstructability.


As your needs change, so can your arena since it’s been designed to be disassembled, reconfigured, expanded or relocated without demolition.

Arena Cross-Section

Explore the Sprung Performance Arena in this cross-section that includes the NHL quality ice surface, spectator areas and more.

Arena Features

Sprung Shield

Your Sprung Performance Arena offers a virtually non-penetrable defence against vandalism attempts. Multiple protective layers bonded to a hard aluminum skin and solid core combine to form the Sprung Shield Security Wall System that rises 8’6″ around the entire structure and provides secure peace of mind.

The Sprung Shield

Your Sprung Performance Arena includes a virtually non-penetrable Sprung Shield against vandalism attempts for a secure perimeter.